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Storyteller, Entertainer and Poet

Be moved by the eloquence and beauty of storytelling and poetry readings. If you want to have an engaging and inspiring entertainment experience. I can help. I am Jonathan Bellamy, an eidetic storyteller, poet and spoken word artist.

I have been doing live presentations and speaking engagements in different venues throughout Atlanta, Georgia, the Southeastern United States, and internationally. With a strong passion for poetry performance and spoken word art forms, I have developed a unique presentation style which helped me become a sought-after performer for all occasions.

Explore the World Through Words

I have been performing at school, church, and community events most of my life. My meticulous craftsmanship and knack for writing and telling stories continue to move me to explore the world more.

This burning desire has led me to share this gift through professional performance in various national and international events. I aim to craft relevant pieces that engage and enlighten all people.

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