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The Making of a Storyteller

I was born in late winter, 1966, the second son of a Pentecostal Minister and a Business Education teacher. My story, from the beginning, has always been described as miraculous. Surviving serious burns that resulted from a household accident at the age of 11 months; it seems that there was always a story to tell how God blessed me.

Born and raised in a family of artists, I believe my strong stage presence is a product of inheritance. Though I was originally a member of the family singing group, it was clear that my voice was designed for something other than singing.

Capitalizing on my love for learning, I enjoyed reciting “Easter Speeches” as a child. I began memorizing secular poems and writing rhyming stories as a student at W.G. Nunn Elementary School in my hometown, Valdosta, Georgia.

Early Source of Inspiration

An early source of encouragement and sponsorship, Mrs. Inez Robinson allowed me to lead the “Pledge of Allegiance” over the school’s intercom system. The following year, as a fourth-grader, I auditioned and was selected to become the narrator of the school’s Bicentennial play.

This performance led to a prominent role two years later in sixth grade as the Ringmaster in the school’s production of “Melvin the Magnificent Clown.” From that point, my performances were mostly limited to dramatic presentations at the church until I reached college.

Greater than chance meetings with some members of the drama guild of the Edwin Hawkins Music and Arts Seminar, it has reignited my passion for performance through poetry.

Every spoken word performance inspires me to write more and tell more relevant pieces that will ignite the audiences’ minds and hearts.

I have been performing on stage in various events in Atlanta, Georgia, and have been in different places locally and internationally. For more details, feel free to contact me through phone or email.

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